Thursday, 7 August 2014

BattleScribe 1.14.05 Released!

1.14.05 has now been released on Desktop and Android which fixes a crash when adding items to a roster that's made up of multiple forces. This fix is also on it's way to Apple for approval, and I've requested that they expedite their review process due this bug - it should be available on iOS in the next couple of days. Apologies for the inconvenience.


Another release today, on all platforms: Desktop, Android and iOS.

This version carries on with the work from 1.14.03, tying up some loose ends and a couple of bugs that came to light since that release. In particular, it sorts out a lot of issues with validating global items in rosters, which were sometimes giving errors when they shouldn't, or weren't giving errors when they should.

All Platforms
  • Error message text re-written so all errors are more consistently worded and give better information on the problem.
  • Data file version numbers displayed when creating a roster.
  • Added min/max in force limits, distinct from min/max in roster.
  • Fixes to error reporting for "global" entries (min/max in force/roster).
  • Improved memory usage, which should help when editing large rosters (especially on mobile). There is still more work to do in this area however.
  • More minor bug fixes.
  • Changes from 1.14.03 are now rolled up into 1.14.04 (see the last release on Android and Desktop).
  • Fixed "Errors Loading Data" message when creating or loading a roster.
  • Fixed problems saving rosters with certain characters in their names.
  • Saving your roster as HTML now respects the view settings from View Roster.
  • Fixes to moving data when you change the location it's stored in.
  • Moving your data will now check the destination folder can be written to (solves "parameter is not a directory" error message once you've gone through the process of moving your data again).
  • Fixed error message when trying to open a catalogue for editing when you don't have the appropriate game system.

Phew! There are still one or two gaps in global roster validation, and there may be another release or two to fix those and any other niggles that might come up. But for now, it's time to continue working on something a little more... visual.