Wednesday, 11 August 2010

BattleScribe 1.03b Released!

So a (fairly) quick turnaround for this one, mostly small improvements and extra features to help support Warhammer Fantasy and Warmachine.

  • Game system categories may now have percentage based minimum/maximum points values in order to support Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition (and others).
  • Entries may now have negative points costs in order to support Warmachine (where some choices give you points credit).
  • Rules may now be added to the catalogue root (rather than just entries) allowing for army-wide rules to be added.
  • Readability of the selections tree in Roster Editor has been improved with editable selections now displayed in bold, and the roster/category titles now larger text.
  • Positions of the various panels in Roster Editor and Catalogue Editor are now remembered between running the programs.
  • The various panels now have better resizing behaviour when resizing the main Roster Editor and Catalogue Editor windows.
  • Bug fixes around how some errors are reported (particularly minimum/maximum selections from collective entries and entry groups).
  • Various other minor fixes.
NOTE: The BattleScribe setup program now installs to "Program Files\BattleScribe" rather than "Program Files\BattleScribe <version>". You may want to copy your existing catalogue and game system files into this new folder before running BattleScribe.