Tuesday, 22 January 2013

On The Radio Again (and other news)

After being stricken by Father Nurgle's blessing and then indulging in huge amounts of food and whisky over the festive season, I fell into a state of hibernation (read: laziness) for a while there. But never fear! Myself and BattleScribe are still alive! Here's some news.

First up, you have another chance to listen to my drivel via your audio-holes. The fine folks over at Noobhammer Radio grabbed me for a quick interview which is up on their site now. I had an awesome time (though I suspect they regret the entire ordeal) and I highly recommend giving them a listen - along with the Of Dice And Men podcast they also produce. A word of warning though: podcast-induced laughter will get you some strange looks in public, and plays merry hell with your brushstrokes...

Here's a link to the episode, and my hearty thanks to Noobhammer's Nate and Jason for having me on!

In other news, I've finally gotten around to finishing off version 1.13.04 for iDevices and have submitted it to Apple. With luck it'll be available sometime next week. Other than my laziness holding me up, I also wanted to get a couple of extra bits and pieces fixed, so it's taken a little longer than usual to get it finished. Here's the major bits that'll be in the release (I'll post full release notes when it becomes available).

  • Fixed the "random crash" issue that's been plaguing it for a while - this bug has taken some time to hunt down, but I think I've finally resolved it.
  • Support for the iPhone 5's  bigger screen.
  • Some layout improvements to provide more space when editing your roster.
  • The same stuff included in the v1.13.04 release for Android and desktop (see previous post).

Finally, I'm working on catching up with emails and forum posts at the moment. I think I've responded to pretty much all of them now, but if you're still waiting for a response please do contact me - you can use the "Send Email" link that's now on the website.

Happy gaming, and a belated happy new year :)