Tuesday, 8 October 2013

BattleScribe 1.13.10 Released!

Do you use Dropbox? Well you're gonna love this one :)

BattleScribe now supports Dropbox file synchronization on desktop and Android. This means that your computer and Android devices can share the same data files and rosters - changes to your rosters or data files will be automatically synced across all the computers and Android devices that you have. Your latest rosters will be with you wherever you go! It'll even sync your list of repositories :)

I've already begun to implement this for iOS too, so it won't be long before you can sync to your iPhone or iPad as well.

Here's the full change list:

  • You will be notified if a roster/data file you're working with is changed (e.g. by Dropbox syncing in the background) and you can reload your work with the latest file version.
  • Data files are no longer stored in the application's install directory. Files are now stored in <User Home>/BattleScribe by default (especially good for Linux and OSX users).
  • You can change the location your data files are stored in via Manage Data (so you can store your files in Dropbox, or wherever else you want)
  • Fixed data indexer problems when creating an "in place" repository
  • Downloading of ads no longer hangs BattleScribe
  • Local computer settings stored separately per computer, so things like default save locations are distinct per machine.

  • Link BattleScribe to Dropbox from the menu in Manage Data
  • Notification if your roster is changed outside of BattleScribe (e.g. due to Dropbox syncing in the background) so you can reload the latest version of the roster
  • Fixed crash on some handsets when clicking the "back" button
  • Fixed crash removing a force in some cases
  • Fixed crash when opening a roster and one of the catalogues it needs can't be found

Both Platforms
  • Fixed roster points not adding up after removing a force
  • Correct number of selections now shown (was wrong in some circumstances)
  • Fixed incorrect validation of min/max in roster
  • Fixed crash when adding a selection where a sibling has a collective selection (e.g. adding a new Nob when existing Nobz already have a warbike)
  • Several more crash/bug fixes