Friday, 6 December 2013

BattleScribe 1.13.12 For iOS Released!

This release brings the recent updates to the Android and desktop versions to iOS. Yes - that means Dropbox! So now Dropbox is integrated across all platforms, your rosters and data can follow you no matter what devices you have. Wrote up your list on a PC? Well it's already available on your iPhone when you get to the tournament.

Release Notes
  • Dropbox integration! Share your data files and rosters between your mobile devices and computers. You can link to your Dropbox account from the menu in Manage Data. 
  • Reduced amount of data file checking that's done (less loading dialogs!). 
  • Data file caching added to speed up file loading/updating and Dropbox uploading/downloading 
  • Added button on About screen to show the "What's New" popup. 
  • Mostly removed nasty-looking custom dialog boxes and loading screens. 
  • Import data files from other apps or shared on a website by clicking on them. 
  • If BattleScribe finds a broken/corrupted data file or roster, it will backup and delete it, preventing crashes. 
  • Improved error handling and stability. 
  • Bug fixes.