Friday, 9 July 2010

BattleScribe 1.02b Progress Report

So the next version of BattleScribe has been in progress for a bit longer than I intended. The good news however, is that I'm close.

First off, a whole lot of small usability tweaks and bug fixes have been finished, along with a few extra features. The list of what made it can be found over at the UserVoice page, under the "completed" tab. Everything that has made it in is commented with "Finished for v1.02b". This lot should just make things flow a bit more smoothly, and make things a little easier to use.

The last bit to finish is the big one: I'm improving the way that collective entries and entry groups work, and allowing entry groups to contain other entry groups. This is should allow catalogues to be more flexible in representing an army's structure. The code for this has turned out to be pretty complicated and I'm going to need to find a day or so to sit and finish it off.

With any luck, I'll find the time over the coming week, and we'll see BattleScribe 1.02b released very soon...