Thursday, 22 July 2010

BattleScribe 1.02b Released!

After a final flurry of testing and debugging, BattleScribe 1.02b is finally here - head over to the downloads page to get it. I've had a good rearrange of the internal gubbinz, allowing catalogues to be more flexible in the way they represent an army list. This means that when you're creating a roster, it can be more accurate at representing your chosen army. There have been a bunch of small usability improvements in both Roster Editor and Catalogue Editor that just make using them a little smoother. Finally, quite a few bugs have been fixed throughout.

Since there has been a rather major overhaul of the internals, there may be a few bugs I've missed. If you find anything that doesn't seem to work properly or if you have any feature suggestions, head over to the UserVoice page to let me know.

If you like BattleScribe, please show your appreciation by helping to spread the word! I've added links to the site to post to Facebook, Buzz, Twitter or whatever social networking or bookmarking sites you might use, so go ahead and tell your fellow wargamers!

So What's Changed?
  • Entry groups can now contain other entry groups.
  • Collective entry groups now work in a better way - you can now select between the minimum and maximum number from the group for each parent selection.
  • Fixed a bug in Catalogue Editor where the dependant entry list is blank after copying and pasting dependencies.
  • Errors shown at the bottom of then Catalogue Editor window can now be clicked, causing the element in the catalogue that is causing the problem to be selected in the tree.
  • Window size and position is now remembered when you close Roster Editor or Catalogue Editor.
  • Catalogues are now listed alphabetically when creating a new roster.
  • Added Cut command to Catalogue Editor when you right click on nodes of the entry tree.
  • Entries and other elements are now sorted correctly in the Catalogue Editor entry tree.
  • Dependencies in the Catalogue Editor entry tree are now shown with the name of the entry they depend on.
  • The next element in the Catalogue Editor entry tree is now automatically selected when you remove the current item.
  • Various other minor bug fixes.