Wednesday, 30 March 2011

BattleScribe 1.10b Released!

So here's BattleScribe 1.10b. Quite a few changes here, especially under the bonnet. This release contains a selection of front end updates and fixes, and lays the foundations for the upcoming Android version of BattleScribe.

What's in this release then?
  • Changed the XML Java libraries to Simple XML as discussed in this post. This is mainly to support the upcoming Android version of BattleScribe.
  • Improved performance on the New Roster dialogue when you have large numbers of data files.
  • Import Data Files function added so you can get data files into BattleScribe without rummaging through folders and copy/pasting (if you prefer).
  • Import function will accept zipped data files with extension "" or "" as well as the normal .cat and .gst files.
  • Categories with no entries are no longer shown in the "Available Entries" tree in Roster Editor. They also do not generate error messages.
  • Categories with no entries selected are no longer shown in the "Current Selections" tree in Roster Editor for a cleaner view.
  • Slight improvements to roster layout when you view/print it.
  • Improved error dialog.
  • Buttons in the View Roster dialogue moved to a toolbar, bringing it more in line with the main Roster Editor window.
  • Added "Copy Text" button to the View Roster dialog, allowing you to just copy a simple text version of the roster (without all the HTML gubbins).
  • Any formatting (tabs and new lines) in the description of a rule in Catalogue Editor are now preserved when viewing/printing the roster.
  • Fixed a nasty bug where you could end up overwriting a previously saved game system file in Game System Editor.
  • Fixed a bug where errors were incorrectly reported for some collective selections ("xxx can have at most -5pts from yyy...").
  • And most importantly, "Buy me A Beer" donation button added to the toolbar in Roster Editor - because beer fuels development!