Saturday, 2 April 2011

BattleScribe 1.10.02b Released

There's always something isn't there? A few annoying little bugs made it into v1.10b - nothing major, just a bit of a pain. So I've released an updated version with these fixed.

  • Fixed error when viewing some rosters with blank rule descriptions.
  • Viewing roster now shows blanks for empty characteristic values, not "null".
  • Import feature improved, now uses correct filename of compressed data files.
  • Correct list of categories now show up on the edit entry panel in Catalogue Editor.
  • Min/max in roster values on edit entry group panel are now handled correctly in Catalogue Editor.
  • Customise name button on edit selection panel in Roster Editor now correctly shows the dialog.
It's probably worth upgrading to this version if you're having any issues, especially if you intend to create or edit data files.

My thanks to Jono and Eldar in this thread for helping find the issues.