Thursday, 29 September 2011

BattleScribe 1.12.00b Released!

And here's the latest version of BattleScribe, with a nice bunch of improvements including the most requested item on the UserVoice page. There are a couple of UI improvements and you also get a side-by-side layout when viewing/printing rosters. That's something people have been after for a while. It could do with further improvement, but it's a start.

For those of you who edit data files, I've added modifiers to profiles so you can change the values of characteristics based on the selections you make in your roster. All distinct profiles (each varient of a modified one, and the original if present) are shown in the summary and marked with what they are modified by. I also thought I'd do the same for rules whilst I was at it.

Without further ado, here's the full change list.

Release Notes:
  • Alternative layout in view/print roster, with the army's units and profiles/rules laid out side-by-side. Choose the view you want from the Layout Options menu.
  • The minimum points value of entries is now shown in the left-hand tree so you can see how much something costs before you select it.
  • Rules summaries are not displayed in view/print roster unless they have a description.
  • Profiles can now have modifiers, allowing you to change characteristic values based on your selections (eg. Mark of Nurgle gives you +1 Toughness).
  • Profiles will have their names changed based on what selections of modifiers, so for the above case "Chaos Lord (Mark of Nurgle)" would be listed in the profile summary.
  • Rules can also have modifiers to change their names/descriptions.
  • Added Spikey Bits as an affiliate
  • The new installer will not overwrite your settings file, so you will not loose your saved data repositories on upgrade.
  • BattleScribe will no-longer crash if the settings file is missing or broken - it will just create a new one.
  • The selected affiliate in the menu bar will now be randomly shown. If the button is clicked, or you select your preferred affiliate from the drop-down, this one will always be shown.
Android Specific:
  • Fixed a nasty bug that prevented BattleScribe from downloading game systems from repositories and showed an error message.
My apologies if you were affected by the bug in the Android version, I really should have spotted that one before I released it. My thanks to hewhowatches and scarletsquig in the forums for helping test this release. Always appreciated :)