Friday, 7 October 2011

BattleScribe 1.12.01b Released!

This is mainly a bug fix release as a few bits and pieces were raised in the forum - my thanks to vaslav and scarletsquig for finding them. There are also a couple of small new features thrown in there.

Release Notes:
  • Your chosen roster layout options in the view roster dialog are now remembered
  • Catalogue and Game System editors will now prompt you to update the revision number of files you edit
  • Fixed a bug where data files made with 1.12.00b would not open on older versions or on the mobile version.
  • Fixed bugs where modified rules/profiles would not be properly renamed and listed in the view roster dialog
  • Fixed bug where selections from entries with modified points values would not be displayed properly in the view roster dialog
  • Fixed bug where if you selected an entry for your army with modified points values, the available entries list would reflect the modified version, not the original
  • Fixed bug where the hidden flag on rules/profiles was not being respected
  • Fixed a bug where "No Category" selections would sometimes not be displayed in Roster Editor
Additional Fixes for Android:
  • Ads no longer get in the way of your list of selections