Monday, 10 October 2011

BattleScribe 1.12.03b Released, BattleScribe Mobile Pro Sneak Peek

BattleScribe 1.12.02b and 1.12.03b released in quick succession to sort out a couple of minor niggles. Sometimes the roster points total wouldn't update correctly when using the +/- spinners. Also, the points wouldn't update if you duplicated a selection. These should be sorted out now.

In other news, I'm almost ready to release the Pro version of BattleScribe Mobile for Android phones. This has the advertising removed, and also includes a little something extra: a statistics calculator/roller, geared towards wargamers. We're all stats-nerds at heart and it's nice to be able to compare the average damage output or other characteristics of a unit when making your lists. You can view the average results of a particular series of rolls (e.g. hit, wound, save), and have a go at rolling them yourself to see if you can beat the average.

Mathammer is fun :)