Thursday, 16 February 2012

BattleScribe 1.12.04b Released!

So here we have the first new release in quite a while. Just a few bits and pieces in here - call it a warm up as I get back into things. There have been some changes to the internal gubbinz, which should hopefully make it even easier for me to port the code to different platforms. We'll see...

The full change list is as follows:
  • Added a "getting started" dialog when you start BattleScribe but don't have any repositories. This should help new users get set up.
  • BattleScribe can check for data file updates from your repositories when you start up.
  • Summary popup/tooltip now shown when hovering over the controls to add/remove selections (the "customise selection" panel).
  • Added a new "copy as Markdown" menu option in the View Roster dialog.
  • Catalogue and Game System editors should keep better track of whether or not a file is saved.
  • Fixed a bug where if you were working on a catalogue, saved it, then created a new one, you could end up saving over the previously opened one.
  • Fixed a bug where using negative points values (eg for Warmachine where certain characters can give you extra points) was causing errors to be shown.
  • Internal changes to the way files are saved and loaded.
  • Shiny new icon!