Wednesday, 3 October 2012

New Facebook Page

I'm not much of a Facebook user personally, but I hear it's quite a popular site ;)

So for those of you who are primarily Facebookers, I've finally bitten the bullet and created a page for BattleScribe.

I'll be posting development progress updates, upcoming features and soliciting feedback on ideas in a generally more detailed and regular way than on the news blog. It's also another avenue for you the user to get in contact to ask questions, offer suggestions etc.

I will still be using Google+ for my primary social media page, with posts there being re-posted to the Facebook page (in full where possible) and Twitter (as a link). I'll keep an eye on the Facebook page and obviously will be participating in any discussion over there.

So, if you're a fan of BattleScribe and want to stay connected, Facebook is now another option for you alongside Google+ and Twitter - whichever is your personal preference :)

Now get clicking on those Like buttons people!