Monday, 22 October 2012

BattleScribe 1.13.00b Released - With Allies Support!

Update: Apple finally approved the free version for iOS, so that's now available for you iDevice people out there :)


Well the big day has finally arrived - after three months or so hard labour, BattleScribe 1.13.00b is finally here! Adding support for allies has been a big job, requiring changes to how BattleScribe fundamentally works, hence the long development time. On top of that, I've added a much demanded feature from data file authors: shared items. This will make it much easier for the authors to create quality data files, thus benefiting the entire community.

The two highest voted items on UserVoice in one fell swoop :)

This update affects all versions: Desktop, Android and iOS. If you like it, I'd really appreciate a review on the iTunes / Google Play app stores!

Note 1: This update involves a major file format upgrade. This means that the first time you load up BattleScribe it may take quite a while for your existing files to be updated, depending on how much data you have. Please be patient! It only needs to do this once.

Note 2: BattleScribe has become more strict about data file formats - some old files that used to be OK may no longer be valid. If you create files or host repositories I strongly suggest opening all of your files with the new version's editors and fixing any errors that are flagged. Once you're happy recreate your repository with data indexer to make sure it's all in order. This will really help prevent users of your repository from having problems.

Note 3: If you experience strange behaviour, it could be because of data problems mentioned in note 2 above. The first thing to try would be to delete all your data files (on mobile, the menu in the Manage Data screen allows you to do this) and re-download them from your repositories.

Here's the full list of changes:

All Versions
  • Added allies support (a roster can be created with multiple catalogue / game type combinations)
  • Added ability to create "shared" entries, entry groups, rules and profiles in catalogues, and then reference / link to them throughout the catalogue without repeating yourself. This should make life a lot easier for data file authors
  • Improved modifiers / conditions, supporting the shared items

iOS (iPhone / iPod / iPad)
  • Added shiny new retina graphics and icons
  • Long-clicking selections now allows you to duplicate, remove or individually view the selection
  • Added extra options in the Manage Data screen to allow you to share your repository URLs or delete all data files (in case of problems)
  • Rules/profiles now properly shown when viewing the roster
  • Fixed crash when clicking on the row of a "single selection" (rather than the button on the right)
  • Fixed "invalid attribute namespace..." crash when importing from repositories
  • Fixed bug where some catalogue conditions wouldn't be properly evaluated
  • Other small UI improvements and bug fixes

  • Added new high-resolution (and some low-resolution) icons and graphics to support different screen densities
  • Added extra options in the Manage Data screen to allow you to share your repository URLs or delete all data files (in case of problems)
  • Other UI improvements and bug fixes

  • Minor UI improvements - just tidied things up a bit
  • Improvements to the data file editors so they detect and flag more possible data file errors