Thursday, 22 November 2012

Interview On The Overlords Podcast

Listen ma! I'm on the radio!

Inquisitor Steve from The Overlords podcast was kind enough to drop me a line a little while ago and arrange an interview to chat about BattleScribe. I had a lot of fun talking a bit about my history with 40k, before moving on to discuss how BattleScribe came about and how it's developed since then.

If you're interested in listening to me babble incoherently about some of the reasons behind BattleScribe, where it's at now and a where it's going in the future, I recommend giving it a listen! In fact, if you're not already following The Overlords, what's wrong with you? These guys are great fun to listen to - they make my drive home from work something to look forward to :)

Thanks for having me on guys!