Friday, 12 November 2010

BattleScribe 1.07b Released!

So it turns out there were a few bugs in version 1.06b, so here is a quick release to get things fixed up again. There's also a bonus new feature.
  • Stopped all controls from showing hiding themselves in Roster Editor. This also resolved a bug where entry groups were either not being displayed or were being hidden so they couldn't be further selected from in Roster Editor.
  • Fixed a bug when editing a modifier in Catalogue Editor where some fields were not being saved properly.
  • Bonus Feature: Copy and paste enabled between running copies of Catalogue Editor, so you can copy an entry or other item from one catalogue to another.
To help stop any particularly nasty bugs getting into future versions, I will start posting an "in progress" version to the forums for people to have a play with if they want.