Thursday, 18 November 2010

BattleScribe 1.08b Released!

Another BattleScribe release today - they're coming thick and fast at the moment. There were a few annoying little bugs left in the last version so I decided to get them fixed sooner rather than later. There are also some nice new features added, including more improvements to the view roster dialogue box.
  • Added extra output options to the view roster dialogue in Roster Editor (show/hide points values, profile summary and rule summary).
  • Allowed modifiers to change the points value of entries in Catalogue Editor.
  • Added "min/max in roster" properties to entry groups, similar to those on entries.
  • Added "type" property to entries that indicates if it is a unit, model or upgrade.
  • Added exporting of rosters to other formats via XML stylesheets. It's under the file menu of Roster Editor.
  • Correct controls are now displayed to make selections from entries that only have collective children.
  • Fixed bug in Roster Editor where the duplicate button wouldn't work.
  • Fixed bug where converting game system files to the new format prevented profiles from being entered or being displayed correctly in catalogue editor (any profiles entered in a catalogue are OK though).
  • Fixed bug where some entry groups within entry groups would not be available to select from.
IMPORTANT: Because of the bug converting game system files, it is highly recommended that you head over to the data project site and download the latest game system files.