Wednesday, 27 April 2011

BattleScribe 1.10.04b Pre-Release

I've posted a first pre-release of BattleScribe 1.10.04b in the forum for people to play with, along with release notes. This is an important release as it contains a new feature that lets BattleScribe download data files and keep them up to date for you. You just need to add the URL of a data repository's index file, and BattleScribe uses this to find the data files available in the repository. In Roster Editor, go to File -> Data Repositories.

Also included is a tool to create the required index file, to help you create data repositories of your own. You point the tool at a folder, and it finds all compatible data files and creates the appropriate index for them. You can then host this folder somewhere, and give out the URL of the index file. I've tested with DropBox public folders and it works a treat.

There's also a bunch of smaller bug fixes and UI updates since 1.10.00b.