Friday, 29 April 2011

BattleScribe 1.10.04b Released, New Data File Management

Today's release BattleScribe release has an important new feature. Data repositories. A data repository is a set of data files on the internet that BattleScribe can access. All you need is the URL of a repository, and BattleScribe will automatically download and import the data files from it. It will also check for newer versions of your existing data files and update them for you. Also included in this release is the Data Indexer tool, which makes it easy to create your own data repositories.

This release is important because the Data Project is no more. It is critical to BattleScribe's success that users have access to data files to get them up and running. The data repositories system should make it much easier for people to get hold of data files and keep them up to date.

If you're a fan of BattleScribe, it would be great if you could help spread the word about this release. Click one of the share buttons on the homepage! Post in your favourite forum! Tell your friends! And thank you for your support.

Full change list (since BattleScribe 1.10.00b)
  • Data repository support so BattleScribe can download data files and keep them up to date
  • Data Indexer tool added to allow you to easily create data repositories
  • Help updated with details on how to use repositories
  • Help page added on how to use the Data Indexer to create repositories
  • Improved the "Copy Text" output. It now produces indented text, similar to the HTML view
  • Added tooltips to the sort and duplicate buttons in Roster Editor
  • View/print roster now has a "created with BattleScribe" footer, with a link. Sharing the love :)
  • Improved data file import to prevent you ending up with two data files with the same ID
  • Moved the exit button back alongside the other toolbar buttons as it was being "pushed off the screen" on some Linux systems
  • Fixed background/text colours on for selected items in the dropdown lists and trees
  • Fixed bug where the error "you can have at most 0 selections of xxx in your roster" would always appear
  • Fixed bug where rules were being repeated in view/print roster
Finally, my thanks to scarletsquig, eldar and Toreador13 from the forums and to Natakue from for their help testing this release.