Wednesday, 28 March 2012

New Data File Forum

The biggest problem BattleScribe users face is getting hold of data files. I'm sure many of you have had problems finding the files you need to get up and running, and I'd bet money that many more gave up using BattleScribe because they couldn't find any files to get started in the first place.

The data repository system that was added a while back has helped a lot - there's no more copy/pasting of files and BattleScribe can now automatically update your files when new ones are available. Which is pretty sweet (even if I do say so myself).

Thing is, this doesn't really solve the problem of finding a repository in the first place. To that end (as suggested by Scarletsquig), I've added a data files forum so you can let people know about the files you've created and the repositories you're hosting. If you've spent time and effort creating an awesome set of files, it'd be great if you felt like sharing them with the rest of the community!

Feel free to use the forum to:
  • Post links to your repository or data files
  • Take comments and suggestions
  • Let people report bugs or problems with your files
  • Accept new or updated data files from the community
  • Get together with other data file makers to pool resources
  • Whatever else that's data file related
There is of course The One Rule: No Games Workshop. Sorry about that, but I've already got myself into trouble with that one...