Thursday, 23 September 2010

BattleScribe 1.05b Released!

Just a bunch of bug fixes and little tweeks in this one. I have plans afoot for some bigger changes coming up which I'll write a post about in the near future. Included in this release:
  • Improved layout of profiles when printing/viewing a roster to save on space
  • Catalogue level rules are now shown in their own section when printing/viewing a roster
  • The decimal point portion of all points values is now only displayed if there is actually something after the decimal point
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't change the name and points limit of a roster after you created it
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't remove catalogue level rules in Catalogue Editor
  • Fixed problems around creating new categories in Game System Editor
  • Fixed bug in dependency logic that incorrectly reported some errors for "Must include x if you have selected y" dependencies
Available to download at

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

BattleScribe 1.04b Released!

A small set of changes in this release, but one of the highest voted requests on UserVoice has finally been addressed: printing. This one turned out to be much easier than expected after I stumbled upon a quick solution. There have also been a few usability improvements and changes to better support more game systems.

  • Printing directly from Roster Editor now supported.
  • Points values throughout can now have decimal places/fractions to support armies where points aren't whole numbers. For example Skaven clanrats have some options that cost 0.5pts.
  • Roster Editor now remembers which folder was last saved to/loaded from and displays this when you next save/load a roster.
  • You can now manually enter an entry/entry group id when creating a dependency in Catalogue Editor, so a dependency can now depend on any entry/entry group in the catalogue.
  • All BattleScribe programs now save their files as formatted XML to aid reading/manual editing and to allow SVN to merge changes line by line.
  • Improvements to the View Roster dialogue.
  • Uninstaller now correctly removes start menu shortcuts under Windows Vista and Windows 7. (Note: You may need to manually remove the old BattleScribe start menu shortcuts after you upgrade to 1.04b under Windows Vista or Windows 7)
Available to download at