Tuesday, 23 April 2019

BattleScribe 2.02.01 Released!

Update: There was a bug in 2.02.00 that caused rosters to be deleted as "corrupted" in some cases (oops...). This has now been fixed in version 2.02.01. The update is now available on desktop and is rolling out on Android. It will become available for iOS as soon as it's approved by Apple. I have requested an expedited review from Apple so hopefully it won't be long. Apologies for the inconvenience.

BattleScribe 2.02.01 is here!

This update brings some data format changes and additions that give data authors more tools and flexibility, and improves quality of life. While this update mainly focuses on data editing, mobile and desktop users of the Roster Editor should notice some nice speed and memory improvements when creating or loading rosters. Nice!

Note: BattleScribe 2.02.00 includes significant data format changes. Loading rosters and updating data may take longer to begin with as your old data files are upgraded. It is highly recommended that you update BattleScribe on all your computers and devices.

All Platforms
  • Significant memory and performance improvements when creating or loading rosters. This should help prevent some memory related crashes when using large data files (I'm looking at you Legiones Astartes), however this will still depend on your device. Your mileage may vary.

Data Editor
  • Catalogues can now be imported into other Catalogues using Catalogue Link elements. This allows sharing of elements between multiple Catalogues.
  • Catalogues can be marked as a "library." Library Catalogues are only used for importing into other Catalogues. They are not listed when creating a Roster.
  • New "Primary Catalogue" query scope allows Conditions to check whether an Entry has been imported into a particular Catalogue.
  • Entry Links can now contain child Selection Entries, Selection Entry Groups and Entry Links.
  • New Modifier Group element which can contain multiple Modifiers and Modifier Groups which are all applied together according to a single set of Conditions.
  • New Info Group element which can contain multiple Rules and Profiles along with Modifiers for the entire Group.
  • New Publication root element replaces the book field. Child elements select a publication via a drop-down.
  • All "Entry" elements can now contain Rules, Profiles, Info Groups and Info Links for improved consistency.
  • Characteristic values are now XML text elements meaning formatting should work properly.
  • Unneeded empty XML tags are no longer written to files when saving.
You can discuss this release on the Reddit thread.