Thursday, 16 October 2014

BattleScribe 1.14.08 Released on iOS!

After an extended review time (I guess Apple had a backlog of apps to review...), 1.14.08 is now available in the iTunes store for your iPhone or iPad. This version fixes up a couple of nasty issues that arose after iOS 8 came out. Thankfully there is a silver lining - fixing these problems has actually led to an unexpected boost in performance, so things should be a little snappier when adding/removing items from your list.

Release Notes
  • Performance improvements when adding or removing items from your list.
  • Fixed freeze after creating a new roster under iOS 8.
  • Fixed issue where the loading spinner would occasionally get stuck when adding or removing items from your list.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

BattleScribe and iOS 8

There were two bugs that appeared under iOS 8:

1) The app freezes after creating a new list. You are unable to navigate or click any buttons or anything. Opening an existing list works fine.

2) Occasionally, usually after the device goes to sleep for a while and you later return to BattleScribe, the app would lock up with the loading spinner showing when you try to add or remove something from your list. (This might also occur on older versions of iOS, not just 8).

Both of these are now fixed and 1.14.08 was submitted to Apple for review a week ago. We are now waiting for that review to complete before it shows up in iTunes.

It seems that Apple have a backlog of reviews (I guess BattleScribe isn't the only app having problems) so it's taking more time than usual to complete the review. It usually takes about a week, but it's already been longer.

Of course I'll post here when the update becomes available.

There is a silver lining: fixing these bugs has resulted in an unexpected performance benefit, so things should be noticeably snappier when the update finally comes through.

Thanks for your patience and apologies it’s taken some time to resolve these issues. They were some tough bugs to pin down!