Thursday, 22 August 2019

BattleScribe 2.03.00 Released!

BattleScribe 2.03.00 brings another batch of data format changes and quality of life improvements for data authors. Hopefully these should help authors reduce the size of their data files, and eliminate some unneeded complexity.

Mobile and desktop users of Roster Editor will still need to update to make use of data files created in the new version, though you won't see any major changes... Yet. This release provides the foundation for an upcoming feature that you might like quite a bit...

Data Editor
  • Categories on Selection Entries can be added and removed using Modifiers.
  • Categories can be set to primary or unset from primary using Modifiers which should make it much easier to move Entries between Categories without using multiple show/hide Modifiers.
  • Costs can now be added directly to Entry Links meaning you can set costs for linked items directly, rather than using complex Modifiers to adjust costs after the fact.
  • Catalogue Links can now indicate whether or not root Selection Entries should be imported. Shared items will still be imported, meaning you have access to shared items without cluttering your Catalogue with unneeded Selection Entries.
  • Root Selection Entries and Entry Links can indicate whether they are imported if their Catalogue is imported.
You can discuss this release on the Reddit thread.