Friday, 4 July 2014

BattleScribe 1.14.03 Released!

Today's release is just a bunch of tweaks and bug fixes. This is to make sure everything is nicely stable in preparation for some bigger updates to come in the near future. 1.14.03 is now available on desktop and Android, and will be coming to iOS soon when it is approved by Apple.

Release Notes:
  • Catalogues and Game Systems can now have a "books" field, so you can enter the publication(s) the data file is built from/for.
  • When importing data from a file via Manage Data, .bsi (index) files are now accepted.
  • When moving data, the source folder is not deleted if you have moved the data to a child folder of the source.
  • "Page" field in catalogues is now text (so can be blank, Roman numerals etc).
  • Entries and Entry Groups can now have a negative "min points" value. This allows data authors to prevent incorrect validation errors when using Entries that cost negative points.
  • Data file book and revision number now shown when creating a new roster.
  • Fixed "Illegal Argument Exception" error when opening catalogue to edit it.
  • Fixed incorrect validation errors for min/max in roster for shared items.
  • Fixed problem saving rosters if the name has a "*" in it.
  • Fixed desktop version "move data" function which wasn't working in some cases.
  • Fixed incorrect points calculation for modified entries in some cases.
  • Fixed validation of "hidden" catalogue items: The only validation error hidden items will cause is if you have selected the item in your roster.
  • Fixed "file is not a directory" error on OSX and Linux.