Friday, 11 April 2014

BattleScribe T-Shirts Available!

I've had people ask me in the past if they could get hold of a BattleScribe T-shirt, but so far there were only a handful of them in existence. Well today that changed as I went ahead and set up a Cafepress store! If you're the kind of person who wants to show off their allegiance to BattleScribe, now you can :)

You too can look as stylish an sophisticated as your friendly BattleScribe developer:

If you have any ideas for new designs you'd like to see, or if there are any other products you're interested in (stickers, mugs, keyrings etc.) then let me know.

Enjoy and see you at Salute!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

BattleScribe 1.14.00 Released!

It's been a couple of months in the making, but we're finally here with version 1.14.00!

This release broadens BattleScribe's support for different game systems - in particular Spartan Games' Firestorm Armada (as well as their other systems). For data file authors, you can now set up a game systems force types and categories to be "nested". This means a force type or category can have a "child" force type or category. Selections from the child force type or category can be counted towards the limits of the parent force type or category. This should enable much better data for any game systems that work in this fashion.

The other big change is that the folder structure that your data files are stored in has changed. Each game system now has it's own folder in which the game system file and all the related catalogue files are stored together. Because of this it's important that you update to 1.14.00 on all your devices and computers. Older versions of BattleScribe will be unable to find your data files in the new folder structure. This change is to let BattleScribe play nicely with source control systems such as GitHub, making life much easier for data authors who want to use such systems to manage their files.

Finally, there's an important bug fix on Android, where a corrupted data file or roster could cause the app to hang while "preparing data". I'm very happy to finally get this fixed - it's been incredibly hard to pin down the exact cause of the problem.

These changes come along with a host of bug fixes and little user interface improvements.

All Platforms
  • Greatly improved support for Firestorm Armada and other similarly structured game systems.
  • Changed folder structure that data files are stored in to let BattleScribe work well with source control systems. 
  • Improved naming of saved rosters (it now handles roster names with "." in them). 
  • Improved handling of corrupted/broken data files and rosters. 
  • Pro: Fixes to the way favourites are handled.
  • Fixed crash in Catalogue Editor where modifier characteristic doesn't exist. 
  • Fixed "()" being added to rule/profile names in output. 
  • Fixed modifiers/conditions not working properly for collective items. 
  • Fixed incorrect default selections from entry groups being added. 
  • Conditions and modifiers in a catalogue can now depend on the roster points limit. 
  • Many bug fixes to the way collective entries and entry groups are handled.
  • Improvements to the way files are read, reducing memory usage.
  • Various bug fixes to roster validation.
  • Added ability to choose a parent force when adding a force to new or existing roster.
  • Fixed bug where a corrupt data file or roster would cause BattleScribe to hang "preparing data".
  • User interface improvements.
  • Fixed sorting of game systems and catalogues when creating a roster.
  • Added ability to choose a parent force when adding a force to new or existing roster.
  • User interface improvements for iOS 7.
  • Fixed app crashing for users who use non-Latin characters (e.g. Cyrillic).
  • Fixed sorting of game systems and catalogues when creating a roster.
  • New Roster / Add Force dialog changed to support nested forces.
  • Fixed duplicate button allowing you to duplicate things it shouldn't. 
  • Improved layout of the selection edit panel, fixed slow scrolling. 
  • Improved layout of Profile panel in Catalogue Editor. Made characteristic cells multi-line. 
  • Fixed wrong tree node being selected after removing something from a tree.
  • Fixed sorting of tree nodes.
  • Fixed copy/pasting modifiers and conditions onto links.
  • Fixes to weird focussing of controls when selecting an item in the tree.
  • Other tweaks to improve the UI.