Saturday, 13 August 2011

BattleScribe 1.11.02b Released!

The latest version of BattleScribe is finally here for both the desktop and for Android. This version is mostly bug fixes, but there is also a nice new preview feature.

Change List
  • Added preview feature. Hovering your mouse over a selection or entry will pop up a tooltip containing the unit composition, rules and profiles, much like the view roster dialogue box.
  • BattleScribe will now check your data files to see if any are from a newer version than you currently have. If it finds any, it will display a warning and prompt you to upgrade.
  • Fixed a bug that would crash BattleScribe if you loaded a roster that contained selections from entries that have been removed from the catalogue file.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the settings file to become broken which would cause a crash when starting up BattleScribe.
  • Internal tweeks to the add/remove selection code, especially around how collective entries are handled.
Additional Changes for Android
  • Added ability to delete rosters from the load roster dialogue box.
  • Fixed a bug where some errors were not being displayed for entry groups.
  • Fixed a bug where no game systems/catalogues were displayed in the new roster dialogue box.
  • Fixed a bug where some data repositories could not be downloaded from.
Note: The preview feature is not yet available on the Android version as I haven't quite worked out where/how it is going to fit in. I'll include it in a future version.

Some Screenshots
Hovering your mouse over a selection displays the unit details
You are prompted to upgrade if you have data files from a version newer than the one you have currently installed

Monday, 8 August 2011

BattleScribe 1.11.02b Pre-Release

The latest version of BattleScribe is almost done and I've put a pre-release version up over on this forum thread. There's been some changes in the main "adding to your roster" parts of the code, so some bugs might have crept in. I've not seen any problems so far, but if you find anything please let me know on the forum thread.


Sunday, 7 August 2011

New Feature: Unit Detail Tooltips

Here's a couple of screenshots to preview a new feature in the upcoming version of BattleScribe. This will mostly be a bug-fix release, but I thought I'd also throw in something fun. By hovering over an entry you want to select, or over an existing selection, BattleScribe will popup a tooltip giving you details of the unit, it's stats and it's rules.

Hover over an entry to see a preview of what will be added to your roster.

Hover over an existing selection to see it's current composition.