Tuesday, 19 November 2013

BattleScribe Beta For iOS Available

[Update: Betas for version 1.13.13 on Android are now available through the Play store. You just need to be a member of the BattleScribe Beta Google+ community to get access to them - pro and free versions are available depending on whether you own the pro version]

Betas on iOS [beta is now over]

As of today, BattleScribe is set up with TestFlight so we can run beta tests of new versions on iOS. You'll get early access to new features and be able to give feedback and report any bugs you find before the release of the final version in the Appstore. You also might become the victim of nasty bugs or other problems in the betas, so only the brave need apply! TestFlight is only for iOS beta testing - Android and desktop betas will be made available through other channels.

We have set up a BattleScribe Beta Google+ community to run the beta testing from. This is where new versions will be announced and will provide a place to give feedback and report bugs. Please sign up to the community if you want to help out with beta testing.

Note: The beta is for the free version only at the moment. You can install the beta alongside the pro version however, so no need to uninstall anything.

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