Saturday, 31 May 2014

BattleScribe 1.14.02 Released on iOS!

Another brief update to say that 1.14.02 is now available in the iTunes App Store for your iOS device. It got a little delayed as I wanted to resolve an issue where quickly tapping buttons could lead to crashes (especially on slower devices). This should now be prevented via the use of pretty little loading spinners when you click buttons. Other than that, it's just a few minor bug fixes.

See the previous post for more details.


Thursday, 22 May 2014

BattleScribe 1.14.02 Released!

BattleScribe 1.14.02 has now been released on Android and desktop with some additional bug fixes and tweaks. It's been submitted to Apple and should become available within a week.


Hi all, here we are with another update.

This one doesn't bring much in the way of shiny new features - it's all about internal changes. There are a handful of fixes and tweaks, and the Android version has had it's UI updated further, continuing from the work in 1.14.00. This mostly just tries to make it clearer which entries are part of a group.

The headline change, however, is a big performance boost when adding and removing selections from a roster. While you won't notice this a whole lot on the desktop version, on mobile devices the difference is quite pronounced.

BattleScribe has become more complex over the years, and this combined with more fully featured (and therefore larger) data files had started to show the inadequacy of a "brute force" approach for calculating points and checking for errors. This update has overhauled these systems to be much smarter and more efficient.

In some tests I found that the time taken to add or remove a selection from a roster has roughly halved, and this time does not get increasingly longer as your roster gets bigger. Big wins, and I hope it improves the experience of using the app on your phone significantly.

This update has also been submitted to Apple, and we are now awaiting approval for it to become available for your iOS device (it should take roughly a week).


Wednesday, 21 May 2014

BattleScribe 1.14.01 Released on iOS!

Just a quick update to say that 1.14.01 has been approved by Apple and is now available for your iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Full details of the release can be found in the last post.

Enjoy :)