Friday, 24 December 2010

BattleScribe 1.09b Released!

Just in time for Christmas, here's the latest version of BattleScribe. There is a slew of bug fixes in this one that resolve a bunch of annoying issues in Roster Editor, whereby you sometimes couldn't select or edit certain selections. In addition, there are a few more features, including the ability to give your selections custom names and descriptions.
  • Added a modifiers system in Game System editor, so the properties of categories can be modified based on the contents of other categories, or the points limit of the roster.
  • Custom names and descriptions can be given to units in your roster.
  • Points totals for categories are now shown in Roster Editor and the view/print roster dialogue box.
  • Various bug fixes and tweaks around what can be selected and edited in Roster Editor.
  • Fixed issue whereby some root units (specifically those with modifiers) could not be removed from a roster.
  • Cleaned up Game System Editor to bring it more in line with Roster/Catalogue Editor. Also remembers it's window size/position and position of split-panes. 
  • View/print roster now includes "No Category" selections.
  • Fixed bug whereby some modifiers were not being applied if a parent entry also had modifiers.
 Available to download at