Friday, 12 September 2014

BattleScribe 1.14.07 Released on iOS!

It's finally here, 1.14.07 for iOS!

This release delivers a huge user interface overhaul which brings BattleScribe into line with modern iOS 7 apps - and it's looking very nice if I do say so myself. It also (at last) brings support for iPad! The app will now use all the space available on the larger screened devices and isn't reduced to a blown-up iPhone interface. There is still more work to do to make better use of all that screen space - perhaps some kind of two-panel design - but this is a huge step forward.

If you like the app, I'd really appreciate a review on iTunes! If you find any bugs, please contact me and I'll get it fixed as soon as possible.

On a side note, as some of you may have noticed, the free version of 1.14.07 was available several days ago, while pro has only just shown up in iTunes today. I have no idea why, but the free version was approved for the App Store within a couple of days, while the pro version was left hanging for about a week. Needless to say, this was frustrating for anyone who upgraded to pro during the last week, only to find they were back on the old version. My apologies to anyone in that situation - in future I will be holding back releases on iOS until both versions can be put out at the same time (at least for significant updates).

Without further ado, here's some screenshots and the short-but-sweet change notes:

  • Huge user interface redesign! All the same functions are there as before - check the menu if you can't find something.
  • iPad support!
  • Added "report a bug" option to the menu.
  • Free: Occasional full-screen ads. These are only shown during long loading screens, they can be easily dismissed, and they are limited to a handful per hour. See this post for more details.
  • Bug fixes.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

BattleScribe 1.14.07 Released on Desktop and Android!

Not much to say about this release. It's just a small clutch of bug fixes that came up while working on the 1.14.07 update for iOS. I figured (since it's easy) that I'd put out a quick update so we're all on the same page no matter which platform(s) you use BattleScribe on. I'll get straight to the release notes:

  • Fixed modifiers that increment the maxInRoster value (mistype... oops)
  • Fixed crash/hang where a catalogue contained root rules with modifiers
  • Fixed crash/hang in Catalogue Editor when a link had "no target"
  • Fixed situation where points/error messages wouldn't be correctly updated

So... Not a lot ;)


I've just submitted 1.14.07 to Apple which contains a huge user interface update and iPad support! I'm expecting it to become available within a week. I'm very happy with how this has turned out and it should really bring the iOS version into line with modern applications (finally!). I'll announce when it becomes available, but for now take a look at this: