Friday, 19 December 2014

BattleScribe 1.15.04 Released on Android and Desktop!

Here we go with one final release before Christmas, and in contains a present for you...

Back by popular demand, preview popups have made a return on desktop! I hope you'll find them much improved over the previous implementation of them - they are scrollable (rather than sometimes taking over the entire screen...) and can be copy/pasted from.

Other than this, there's just the usual batch of bug fixes and tweaks. As always, this update will be on it's way to Apple for review, and will become available for iOS once it's approved.

Merry Christmas!

All Platforms
  • Rule summary can now be shown when viewing single selections.
  • HTML output now correctly shows newlines in rule descriptions.
  • Fixed crash when adding forces to a roster in some cases.
  • Fixed crash when creating a roster with a data file that has broken profiles.

  • Fixed restoring roster when returning to the app after some time.
  • Added workaround for crash bug in Samsung's version of Android 4.2.
  • Fixed occasional crash when dismissing a fullscreen ad while creating a new roster.

  • Preview popups are back! Better than ever, they're prettier and can be scrolled (rather than taking up the entire screen).
  • Fixed double clicks not adding selections on OSX.