Tuesday, 3 February 2015

BattleScribe 1.15.06 Released on Android and Desktop!

Another new release today!

1.15.06 brings the usual bug fixes and improvements, along with a new feature for Pro users and auto-updates on desktop.

The Pro version adds a statistical breakdown of your roster when viewing it, for the stats nerds among you (like me). This shows the number of units, models and upgrades you've selected, the points spent and the percentage of your total points spent on them, broken down by force and category. This is heavily dependant on the data files being configured for this though, so it might take some time to become accurate.

On desktop, BattleScribe can now auto-update itself when new versions become available. Since new versions are fairly regular, this should make life much easier! All you'll need to do for future updates is click a button and let BattleScribe download and install the new version for you. This is not available for the Mac installer version (at least for now) since it's somewhat different to the Windows installer and Any Computer zip versions.

I've also moved the ad on desktop to just below the roster tree (in the middle). This is to try to save on the wasted space either side of the ad where it was before.

As usual, the next job is to get 1.15.06 ready for iOS, so it will be available on iPhone soon.

All Platforms

  • Pro: See a breakdown of unit/model/upgrade counts, points spent and percentages when viewing your roster.
  • Fixed crash when creating/loading rosters using old/broken data files.


  • Free: Moved ad to just below the selection tree panel to save wasted space.
  • BattleScribe can auto-update itself when new versions become available (Windows installer and Any Computer zip versions only).
  • Fixed show/hide modifiers on profiles/profile links giving errors in Catalogue Editor.
  • Fixed new links not generating a unique ID in Catalogue Editor.
  • Fixed bug pasting IDs into modifier child textbox in Catalogue Editor.
  • More tweaks and bug fixes.


  • Pro: Fixed crash when editing a selection's custom name/description.
  • "Low memory mode" can be turned on/off from the menu.
  • Fixed several crashes caused by rotating the device with a dialog box showing.
  • More tweaks and bug fixes.